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We don’t like driving in traffic, but we sure love driving traffic to you. Lead generations & creating website traffic brings more and effective business to your brand. Be it setting up & managing your Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads; our services help you pick the right channel to run your campaigns as well as creatively generate leads and website/brand traffic. 


With some of the best-in-class Pay Per Click Services, we create campaigns that touch upon the emotions, needs & choices of your customers. The right crowd, the right clicks & a long-term connection. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora, or any other social media platform, we create inspiring content that helps drive traffic through our pay per click services to your website. From clicks to conversion, guaranteed by Orion Labs. 

Our motto: creating strategies to maximize returns on your investment. 


Whether it’s to reach a target audience, drive sales, create potential or simply let the world know who you are, we help you with visually appealing ads to stay on your audience’s radar. What better way to give an immediate boost to your brand, than with a team that expertly provides the services and takes the hassle off your hands?


What Is PPC?

PPC is a part of a paid campaign. PPC stands for pay-per-click, meaning that if people click on the ad, the advertiser has to pay for it; it is based on bidding on the best strategies they can use to manage CTR (Click Through Rate) get a higher amount of conversions.

Does Pay-Per-Click Work?

Yes, it does work. Pay Per Click is an excellent way of advertising, and also it gives the best results ever. They keep showing your ads to people without charging anything; they charge you only when the visitors click your ads. The PPC system will send the person who clicked on the advertisement to your website.

What Is The Advantage Of Pay-Per-Click Services?

 Pay Per Click services has many significant advantages. The general idea about PPC is that PPC allows you to reach the targeted audience fastly by specifying who is seeing your ads [By specific keyword or demographic characteristics]. You have to pay only when someone performs any action on your ad. Paid ads will serve better in getting conversions. More than 70% of people purchase a product through PPC ads. It proves PPC's more relevant way of advertising than other ads. Here are some advantages of running PPC campaigns:

  • PPC is cost-effective
  • PPC generates fast results
  • PPC is easy to tweak
  • PPC helps in narrowing the target reach of the audience
  • PPC is easy to set up
Is It Worth Investing In Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

Pay-Per-Click advertising for Search, Social, Display, Video, and other Digital Marketing can have a predictable and significant return on investment. Hence, PPC can be a massive profit driver, but you must do your homework and think critically at every step.

How Much Is Pay-Per-Click Popular?

 PPC is one of the best things anyone can learn in Digital marketing. It is the best marketing tactic and solely depends on the person and how they represent their products to their customer. Many companies are merging for eCommerce; as e-commerce is increasing and the service industry is boosting, people look forward to PPC. Still, people are not as aware of PPC as SEO or other digital marketing platforms.

Do You Need Pay-Per-Click Services For Your Website Today?

Google ads is an advertisement platform where you can run ads for your products and services. It helps create brand awareness and publicity for your product or services in a short duration. By using Google Ads, you can run your PPC campaign. One feature of Google ads is that we can target the exact audience as per their interests, Demographics, and use of keywords, so it is easy to show ads only to those interested in them.

When Should An Individual Or A Brand Use Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

Google Ads can be managed on a pay-per-click basis, in which people bid on keywords and pay for each advertisement click. Every time people initiate a search, Google digs into the pool of advertisers' Ads and selects a winner to appear in the valuable ads space on its search results page. When your Pay Per Click campaign runs smoothly and well-designed, that rate will be frivolous because the visit is more important to your business than what you pay.

What Is Pay Per Click Examples?

Below are some examples of PPC:

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Promoted Pinterest Pins
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Quora Ads
Is Pay-Per-Click Trustworthy?

Yes, It relies upon how knowledgeable the man or woman or the company is. Pay-Per-Click Advertising has the gain of being immediate.

When we create an advert crew and submit it to Google within forty-eight hours, and very regularly within a couple of hours, the advert team will be approved, and the advert will be proven on Google. So if the manufacturer has the cash to spend on advertising and marketing with Google or with Bing, the company can have an instant response.

Pay-Per-Click is a fundamental response medium. So as quickly as the manufacturer buys a keyword, that advert will show. One outstanding aspect of Pay-Per-Click is that it offers the manufacturer an on-the-spot response.


That's one motive to purchase pay-per-click advertising- when the company desires an immediate response. The manufacturer chooses to reply now. You do not want to wait for search engine optimization, or content material marketing, which is a long-term recreation that takes months and years to get your cashback.

The manufacturer needs to begin making your cash returned now. If the manufacturer wishes to start making your money lower back now, Google AdWords, Pay-Per-Click advertising, or Bing Ads is something to consider. It's something to reflect on consideration on investing in.


Another issue is that Pay-Per-Click Advertising is superb for trying out touchdown pages or commercials towards every different to see what resonates with your customers.

A massive thing about Pay-Per-Click Advertising is that I can check two exceptional titles in opposition to every other, or I can look at two distinct touchdown pages in opposition to every different to see which one converts better.

So, changing ability turns a traveler into a consumer or anyone who clicked on your advert into any person who offered a product or grew to become a lead. Pay-Per-Click permits me to do that instantaneously.

It lets the manufacturers generate visitors and see these facets by the side. Over a brief period, if the manufacturers have sufficient cash to run the test, they can see which of these touchdown pages works higher for that keyword. So checking out is every other excellent issue about Pay-Per-Click Advertising.


Another issue about Pay-Per-Click Advertising is that as soon as you have completed the testing, the manufacturer can put in some optimization effort on a weekly or month-to-month foundation to weed out non-productive visitors or critical phrases that the company would not prefer to be proven up that was, etc.

Brands will have to put in some cash on the front cease & some effort on the front give up to enhance their campaigns' efficiency.

But supplied that the manufacturer does that, it is splendid at producing a constant return on the money.


Once we've obtained that return, and we're making a superb return on our investment, we're at a factor where Google can scale. And up to a positive level, we can climb these identical outcomes via growing our budget.

Once we've got that return, and we're making a positive return on our investment, we're at a point where Google can scale. And up to a certain level, we can scale those same results by increasing our budget.

Why Is PPC Important For Your Website?

PPC is necessary for a website because it's the best way to achieve the highest conversions, lower the costs per conversion, and maximize the ROIs on traffic and the time invested. Essentially, PPC will drive qualified leads straight to your site. With PPC, there are no restrictions on how many tips you want, just that they are consumers who have interacted with your business before being served ads. Adverts are served efficiently regardless of whether someone is connected to Wi-Fi, making this form of marketing accessible.

Why Is PPC Essential For The Success Of Your Business?

Pay-per-click advertising is a way to advertise your company on the internet. Your website gets higher visibility on search engines like Google and Bing. People from PPC to your website are way more likely to purchase than organic people. This type of advertising strategy is one of the most effective online marketing strategies.

How Would I Realize I Am A Fit Choice For Orion Labs' PPC Services?

Significant promotion takes time. We take on pay-per-click projects for organizations & businesses searching for long-haul development rather than a momentary fix to their promoting tensions. Our digital marketing agency isn't a supplier of discounted digital marketing solutions. We are enthusiastic about each undertaking and ceaselessly work on each mission concerning the performance of the campaigns.

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