Our awesome team

At Orionlabs, We Believe That Team Work Achieves The Impossible.

Dependable. Experienced. Just the people you need.

We are value-driven & dedicated to creating experiences & a presence for you. We want to work with you, and we want you to trust us. So here’s a little bit about what Orion is made of. 

Jai Ruparel - Boss Man

At the heart of everything, Orion Labs is our founder, our Boss Man, Mr. Jai Ruparel. With a bright & vibrant personality & go-getter attitude, he has built us a great team of like-minded individual's thoughts and ideas.

“Success is not measured in numbers. It is measured in smiles, and my team has a whole lot of them!”

Abbasali Sajwani - Orion Rainmaker

Smart, savvy & a joyful personality, Abbas brings a vibrant positivity to our team. With his zest for being the best, he expands the workspace with his exciting ideas & fun suggestions.

“I love a fast-paced team. And I have the best one to work with; every day is an exciting one at Orion Labs.”


Dinesh Jalda - Numbers Man

As dedicated & detail-oriented Dinesh is, he loves all the fun & merriment we enjoy in the office. He is also the one that keeps track of & attends to all the accounting needs of our partners, corporations & individual clients.

“I take care of all things finance at Orion Labs and couldn’t have asked for a more fun team to work alongside. Look forward to all my days in the office!”

Prashant Gajula - Developer

Whether it’s over a cup of tea or a walk mid-afternoon, Prashant’s passion & perseverance has him brimming with ideas & concepts all the time. A core member of our team, Prashant adds value by being the face behind all successfully executed web designs & development.

“My idea of fun is discussing ideas, concepts & campaigns with my team. Web development is only one aspect of our projects, and ideating for them is exciting every day!”

Prashant - Developer

Harshal Shirole - Creative Go-Getter

A multi-tasker with an eye for detail, Harshal is our visual nut. He enjoys working alongside clients to prepare the perfect result for all their website-related needs, innovating & growing every day with us.

“We come up with the best ideas when we put our heads together. I enjoy our brainstorming sessions and being able to coordinate with clients directly!”

Sangita Parmar - Orions Go To Girl

High-powered and always on point with calendars, schedules & specifics, Sangita is our go-to for everything in the office, from drafting notes to scheduling meetings & quick chats.

“I enjoy working with the team and learning every day. Creativity is the heart of Orion Labs, and I love it here!”


Karan Sain - Digital Evangelist

Equal parts smart & savvy, Karan is a budding entrepreneur, creative genius, and a great asset to Orion Labs. Catch him vibing to music when he’s not working; after all, creativity stems from music, art & life.

“My time at Orion Labs has been exciting, entertaining & growth-oriented. I have loved working here and will continue to enjoy brainstorming, conceptualizing & creating with the team!”

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