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What we do

We build custom, responsive, mobile friendly websites and web based applications. Our core strengths lie in the quality and experience of our highly qualified team, good, clear and timely communication and review, operational efficiency and end-to-end user experience focused design. All this based on a continuous improvement model so that we can deliver the absolute best time after time and on time!

  • We design & build (end-to-end)

    • Completely responsive, mobile friendly websites and web applications
    • Single and multi-page applications
    • Progressive web applications
    • E-Commerce websites
    • Blogs
    • Content management systems
    • Native, hybrid, web-based mobile applications
    • Emailers
    • All kinds of custom web-based applications and websites
  • Social media marketing

    • Planning and strategy
    • Competitor research and analysis
    • Content
      • Design
      • Scheduling
      • Deployment
    • Running advertising campaigns
    • Running email marketing campaigns

    Search engine optimization

    logo design & trademark services

We always keep user experience in mind when building quality software - that help you meet your business goals with your customer’s needs. We provide search engine optimization and marketing services to make sure that your business ranks at the top

Why choose us

“We at Orion Labs are a highly skilled and motivated team that's consistently pushing the boundaries and testing our limits.
With over 8 years of experience we have understood that time and quality are of top priority and we strictly adhere to deadlines and schedules.
We build the bridge between your business goals and your customer’s needs”.

How we do it